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An event will be held in Fukui City on the same day. Accommodation arrangements can be made through the link, so please make your arrangements as soon as possible.

Goodtimes Together

I am pleased to announce that the 14th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) is scheduled to take place from May 15th (Thursday) to May 17th (Saturday) in 2025 at the Fukui International Activities Plaza. Following the web-based annual meeting of the 11th Congress of ISFRI, we are now returning to an on-site event with renewed enthusiasm for the second time in Japan. We express our sincere gratitude to all the members who have recommended and supported us, and it is truly an honor for us to host this exceptional event.

In this congress, various research findings from diverse fields such as postmortem imaging, anthropology, crime scene investigation, forensic veterinary medicine, forensic photography, forensic radiography, forensic nursing, and others will be presented. We aim to contribute to the further enhancement of the daily tasks of the participants by providing a platform for the dissemination of knowledge. Particularly noteworthy is the anticipated lecture by Dr. Shiotani, a renowned forensic radiologist representing Japan, covering fundamental knowledge to the latest insights in postmortem imaging. We look forward to the enlightening discourse.

The conference program will include presentations based on research outcomes from each sub-committee, facilitating information sharing for future society activities. On the first day, as part of the lunch on lecture, Dr. Kawabe, an expert in paleontology, will present research on dinosaur fossils. Following his presentation, an excursion visit to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is planned, allowing members to interact with actual dinosaur fossils and partake in an engaging exploration. On the second and third days, ample time and space will be allocated for discussions, including specialized sessions, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussion.

As a venue for social meetings (cocktail party), we are delighted to collaborate with Kokuryu Shuzo to introduce participants to Japanese sake culture at ESHIKOTO, providing a deep experience of Japanese culture. On the second night, the customary gala dinner will be arranged, fostering camaraderie among attendees.

Fukui is conveniently located just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kyoto. We hope that participants will explore the traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto after the congress.

We are confident that this annual meeting in Fukui will be a crucial milestone for the future development of ISFRI, bringing together and GOODTIMES TOGHETHER participants from around the world. We eagerly await the participation of many distinguished individuals!

Hideki Hyodoh MD,PhD
Professor at University of Fukui, Forensic Medicine


Title: 14th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging
Date: May 15th (Thursday) – 17th (Saturday), 2025 (3 days)
Chair: Hideki Hyodoh, Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Fukui Medical Sciences
Venue: Fukui International Activities Plaza Address: 3-1-1 Horai, Fukui-city, Fukui, 910-0004, Japan
TEL: +81-776-28-8800

Event Plan: Program (Provisional)

Special Lectures, Educational Lectures, General Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, Luncheon Seminars, Corporate Exhibitions, and Others.
Expected Number of Participants: Approximately 200

Organizing Secretariat

Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Fukui School of Medical Sciences
Address: 23-3 Matsuoka Shimoaizuki, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui 910-1193, Japan
TEL: +81-776-61-8341
FAX: +81-776-61-8108

Operational Support


ISFRI2025 events

Thursday, May 15, 2025
at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
Thursday, May 15, 2025
Thursday, May 15, 2025
cocktail party
Thursday, May 15, 2025
Friday, May 16, 2025
Gala dinner
at the Gran Yours Fukui
Friday, May 16, 2025

Getting to FUKUI

From Haneda Airport to Fukui Station:

When planning your trip from Haneda Airport (IATA code: HND), also known as Tokyo International Airport, to Fukui Station, there are convenient transportation options:

  • Haneda Airport, located close to the Tokyo city center, handles a wide range of domestic flights. To reach Fukui directly from Haneda, you can travel to Tokyo Station and board the Hokuriku Shinkansen that takes you straight to Fukui Station without the need for transfers. 
  •  From Haneda Airport, take the Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu Line to reach Tokyo Station. From there, catch the Hokuriku Shinkansen ‘Kagayaki’ or ‘Hakutaka’ services, which offer a direct route to Fukui Station, providing a comfortable and swift journey.

From Narita Airport to Fukui:

For those starting their journey at Narita Airport (IATA code: NRT), known as Tokyo-Narita, the route to Fukui involves the following:

  • Narita Airport, while being a bit farther from central Tokyo, offers a vast network of international and domestic flights. To get to Fukui, take the Narita Express (N’EX) or the Keisei Skyliner to Tokyo Station, then transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen direct to Fukui Station. 
  •  On board the Hokuriku Shinkansen ‘Kagayaki’ or ‘Hakutaka’ from Tokyo Station, you can enjoy a direct and expedited trip to Fukui Station. This route is a straight shot from Tokyo to Fukui, allowing you to experience the comfort and speed of Japan’s Shinkansen trains.

Both Haneda and Narita airports provide facilities and services to assist travelers in making these connections smoothly. It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the train schedules and routes before your journey to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip to Fukui.

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An event will be held in Fukui City on the same day.
Accommodation arrangements can be made through the link, so please make your arrangements as soon as possible!

Annual meeting pricing

Registration for the conference is scheduled to open around August. Please check back for updates.

conference early birds
(deadline February 28th 2025)
conference regular
(After March 1st 2025)
New ISFRI member (candidate)*
non member
accompanying person**
Excursion & Cocktail party ***
Gala Dinner ****

registration fee; included enter conference venue, conference goods, lunch, coffee break
* prior ISFRI membership registration document required (
** Must be accompanied by a full registration person, for participants who use bus chairs (free of charge for children with lap holding), required pre-registration
*** Includes bus to Dinosaur Museum, admission to Dinosaur Museum, cocktail party at Eshikoto (capacity 200 people)
**** Must be full registration person and accompanying person

ISFRI 2025
program committee

Yohsuke Makino                 槇野 陽介

Department of Forensic Medicine, The University of Tokyo      

東京大学大学院医学系研究科 法医学         

Naoya Takahashi                髙橋直也

Graduate School of Health Sciences, Niigata University


Seiji Shiotani                      塩谷清司

Department of Radiology, Seirei Fuji Hospital             


Masanori Ishida                 石田 尚利

Department of Radiology, Tokyo Medical University   

東京医科大学 放射線医学分野        

Rutsuko Yamaguchi            山口 るつ子

Department of Legal Medicine, Nihon University School of Medicine     


Wataru Gonoi                    五ノ井 渉

Radiology, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

東京大学医学部・大学院医学系研究科 放射線医学講座           

Maiko Yoshida                   吉田 真衣子

Department of legal medicine, Chiba university          


Wataru Fukumoto               福本 航

Department of Diagnostic Radiology/Center for Cause of Death Investigation Research, Hiroshima University  

広島大学 放射線診断学・死因究明教育研究センター 

Go Shirota                         白田 剛

Department of Radiology, The University of Tokyo Hospital     


Tomoya Kobayashi             小林 智哉

Department of Clinical Imaging, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University

東北大学大学院 医学系研究科 画像診断学分野      

Haruki Fukuda                   福田 治紀

Department of Legal Medicine, Gunma University, Graduate School of Medicine 


Norihiro Shinkawa             新川 慶明

Section of Legal Medicine, Department of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki


Masatoshi Kojima               小島 正歳

Department of legal medicine, Chiba university          


Shogo Shimbashi                真橋 尚吾

Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Fukui School of Medical Sciences

福井大学学術研究院医学系部門国際社会医学講座 法医学分野             

Motoo Yoshimiya               吉宮 元応

Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Fukui School of Medical Sciences

福井大学学術研究院医学系部門国際社会医学講座 法医学分野

Curriculum Vitae

Name Seiji Shiotani, MD, Ph.D 

Date and place of birth December 22, 1965, Kyoto City, Japan

Nationality Japanese

Affiliation: Director of Radiology Department, Seirei Fuji General Hospital

3-1 Minami-cho, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 417-0026, Japan

e-mail:, Tel. +81-545-52-0780, Fax. +81-545-52-5837

Academic and occupational history:

  • March 1991: Graduated Shimane Medical College (Currently Shimane University Faculty of Medicine)
  • July 1991 to May 1993: Resident, Shimane Medical College
  • June 1993 to May 1996: Resident specializing cancer diagnosis/treatment, Kanagawa Prefectural Cancer Center
  • June 1993 to May 1996: Assistant Professor, Radiology Dept., Shimane Medical College
  • 1999 to Apr. 2001: Clinical Fellow, Radiology Dept., Tsukuba Medical Center Hosp.
  • 2001 to Mar. 2003: Chief of Radiology Dept., Tsukuba Medical Center Hosp.
  • 2003 to Apr. 2015: Director of Radiology Dept., Tsukuba Medical Center Hosp.
  • 2015 to present: Director of Radiology Dept. and Health and Safety Measures Promotion Office (Since April 2019), Seirei Fuji General Hospital
  • 2016: Received Ph.D. degree at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine


  • Japan Radiological Society (JRS)
  • Japanese College of Radiology (JCR)
  • Japanese Society of Legal Medicine
  • The Japan Society of Autopsy imaging (JSAi)
  • The International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI)


  • Bronze medal, The 65th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society (2006)
  • Silver medal, The 66th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society (2007)
  • Academic Promotion Award, Medical Association of Physicians at Hospitals of Ibaraki Prefecture (2008)
  • Platinum medal, The 68th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society (2009)
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